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Loyalty program

Select Club Restaurant
  • The Select Club Restaurant loyalty program operates on the territory of Select Restaurant and Garden Café.
  • To participate in the Loyalty Program, the Guest fills out the Participant Form when serving in the hall. It is important to fill the Application for its correct registration and activation.
  • After completing the Questionnaire, the restaurant manager immediately activates a bonus account to accumulate points.
  • The Loyalty Program member's card is not transferable to third parties, it is available in the personal account of the loyalty program member, the virtual bonus account is linked to the Guest's mobile phone number.
  • The identification of the Guest and the bonus card is carried out by sending a secret code via SMS to the mobile phone number specified in the Guest's Questionnaire.
  • In order to accumulate bonuses, the Guest at each payment for the services of the Select Restaurant and Garden Café tells the mobile phone number that was indicated in the Participant's Questionnaire. To identify the bonus card, the Guest receives a code in an SMS message; without a code, points are not credited or debited.
  • To change the contact number of the mobile phone, the Guest contacts the hostess counter and fills out a new Application Form for the program participant.
  • The accumulation of payment bonuses is based on the amount of money spent on the services of Select Restaurant and Garden Café.
  • The minimum number of bonus points on the account to pay with bonus points is 50 bonuses.
  • The guest has the right to pay with bonus points up to 70% of the check value.
  • Welcome bonuses are awarded once upon joining the loyalty program and amount to 100 bonuses.
  • In honor of the birthday of the guest participating in the Loyalty Program, 500 bonuses are awarded.
  • When paying with bonuses for the services of Select and Garden Café, discounts are not cumulative, promotions and special offers of Select and Garden Café are not applied.
  • Loyalty card bonuses do not apply to the rental of conference rooms and conference equipment, coworking, VIP-hall.
  • The Guest can find out the current account balance in the personal account of the Select Restaurant and Garden Cafe mobile application.
Simple rules for accumulating bonuses and obtaining privileges
Bonus account activation
When filling out the Loyalty Program Participant Form
Accumulation level of bonuses
From each check 10%
Payment by bonuses
Up to 70% of the check value
Welcome bonuses
Birthday bonuses
Burning bonuses
Bonuses are available within 365 days from the date of accrual
Access to closed sales and secret mailings
Participation in private events (tastings, master classes, lectures)
Unlimited Wireless Internet Access
Free access to Co-working
(subject to availability)
When booking a room from the Select Hotel Paveletskaya counter - upgrading the room category by 1 level
(subject to availability)
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